Pediatric Nutrition Manufacturer Association (PNMA)

PNMA was set up to cooperate with all parties in order to educate the public regarding safe, appropriate and good nutrition for the development of infants and young children. The association is also established to supervise its members to conduct business with the principles of good governance, standards and to meet the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The objectives of the Association are as follows:-

  1. To promote science-based nutrition products while to develop and promote policies and practice that address the safety and good nutrition for infants and young children.
  2. To participate in the establishment of marketing policies and regulations in relation to the nutrition practice for infants and young children.
  3. To encourage high quality and safe products acceptable to governmental authorities and nutritionists in relation to infants and young children, including building confidence and credibility among industrial members.
  4. To jointly support the control on the nutrition activities for infants and young children with the government sector and relevant units in medical personnel, international trade organizations, non-governmental organization or the general public, so as to be consistent with trade rules, WHO Code and international food standards.
  5. To encourage and support government agencies and nutritionists in building correct understanding among the general public in relation to good, safe, and proper nutrition for infants and young children.
  6. To participate in drafting the requirements regarding the marketing practice on food for infants and young.

For more information about PNMA, please contact Dr Kitima Yuthavong, Executive Director at