Infant and Young Child Nutrition Council of India (IYNCI)

Infant and Young Child Nutrition Council of India, is a subcommittee under Confederation of India Food Trade and Industry (CIFTI) of FICCI that aims at “Optimal nutrition for all Indian infants and young children for growth and development”. It stands to ensure high ethical standards and code of compliance among member companies and places highest priority on the nutritional wellbeing of infants and young children. IYNCI supports multi-layered efforts to engage and support stakeholders with the development of projects, policies and practices on scientific and safe nutrition for infants and young children in India. IYNCI has idenfied several opportunities to improve the nutritional status of mother and children in India.

Improvement of the maternal nutritional status through reducing prevalence macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies will improve the maternal health and may also result in reduction in the incidence of preterm/low birth weight births.

In terms of infant and child health, the opportunity areas include improvement in breast-feeding practices, discouraging the use of inappropriate breast-milk substitutes and encouraging the timely introduction of complementary feeding. Additionally, reducing prevalence of macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies and promotion of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle practices are the other areas to work for improving child health.


Optimal nutrition for all Indian infants and young children for growth and development


To strive towards promoting an enabling environment to accelerate the progress of maternal, infant and child nutrition in India.


  1. Support IYCF guidelines on breast-feeding, complementary feeding for infants and optimal nutrition for under 5 children
  2. Continuous nutrition education to bridge knowledge gap with relevant stakeholders
  3. To represent the industry in various meetings and forums aiming at aligning regulations and policies on nutrition in the best interests of science and consumers
  4. Lead and/or facilitate nutritional research relevant to India
  5. Encourage adoption of scientific nutrition solutions that contribute towards betterment of nutritional status

IYNCI Founder Member Companies

Nestle India, Nutricia International, Abbott Health Care and Mead Johnson Nutrition (India)

In furtherance of this purpose, IYNCI will organize seminars / workshops on issues related to infant and young children nutrition for the benefit of relevant stakeholders and will also publish papers / studies from time to time on infant and young child nutrition related areas. The Council will encourage dialogues on issues relating to infant and young child nutrition with government, regulatory agencies and medical associations.

IYNCI stands to play a pivotal role in enhancing the image of nutritional products and their use in appropriate circumstances by ensuring accuracy about nutrition related information, which is consistent with the regulatory provisions and public policy, which is disseminated.

IYNCI is committed to work with stakeholders to build and sustain momentum towards combating malnutrition in India.

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