Good nutrition early in life supports lifelong health

We support the World Health Organisation’s position that adequate nutrition is essential for lifelong health and well-being. We acknowledge and support the WHO’s position that the best nutrition options means exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life with continued breastfeeding, complemented with safe, nutritious and appropriate foods

Achieving good nutrition is a complex multi-faceted challenge

The challenge of infant and young children nutrition is complex and multi-faceted and requires multi stakeholder cooperation. We stand ready to share our knowledge, expertise, insights and resources with healthcare providers, government bodies and others to identify the issues and to devise relevant policy frameworks to ensure that as many children as possible get the best nutritional start in life.

Adequate facts and knowledge help parents make informed choices

Parents provide their children with the best nutrition, based on their individual circumstances. To do so, they have a right to know the facts so that they can make informed choices about their children’s nutritional needs, in consultation with healthcare professionals

The Best Nutritional Start in Life

Our aim is to help meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children. The infant and young child nutrition industry continues to advance its understanding of optimal infant and young child nutrition through scientific and medical research, as well as real-life experience

Working together to find optimal nutrition solutions

Identifying and implementing optimal nutrition solutions requires multi-stakeholder cooperation. We will achieve this by collaborating with parents, caregivers, healthcare professionals, regulators and policy-makers to understand the nutritional needs in each country where we operate.