Hong Kong Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association (HKIYCNA)

The Hong Kong Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association is formed by founding members Abbott Laboratories, Danone Baby Nutrition, FrieslandCampina, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Nestlé and Wyeth.

Our Mission

  • To support appropriate and adequate infant and young child nutrition in Hong Kong;
  • To serve as a platform for industry partners to communicate; and
  • To ensure the accuracy of information on nutrition provided in market

Our Objectives

  • To improve the nutritional well being of infants and young children in Hong Kong;
  • To enhance the image of nutritional products and to ensure the dissemination of accurate information about nutrition products; and
  • To encourage dialogue and support common objectives relating to infant and child nutrition with external stakeholders including non-government organisations and other government and Hong Kong agencies.

HKIYCNA Supports Breastfeeding The HKIYCNA fully supports breastfeeding. It also supports the WHO recommendation that breast milk is ideal for infants and that exclusive breastfeeding should be encouraged for the first six months of life. The Association considers that Hong Kong currently needs an integrated approach for the promotion of breastfeeding. For mothers who cannot breastfeed or need infant formula products as a supplement, we feel obliged to provide appropriate information and advice to them in order to ensure that babies and infants receive the best nutrition. For more information about HKIYCNA, please contact: Veronica Sze, Member at enquiry@hkiycna.hk

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